Open Access Publishing Policy

Open Access (OA) has become significant way to make research findings freely available for anyone to access and view.Cervellopages will serve authors and the wider reading community by publishing high quality, peer-reviewed Open Access content. The open research movement will ensures to< maximize the impact and benefits of research by prioritizing unhindered access to research findings, data and methodologies. There are two main types of open access: Gold and Green.

Gold Access:-Gold Access is the free public access to the final published article. Gold open access articles are published in a journal that is open access, which means the journal, will handle hosting and distributing the journal article in a free and open manner. Gold access can come with a fee which is paid by the sauthor.

Green Access:- Green Access is the free public access to a version of your article. Authors retain the right to use their articles for a wide range of purposes. All open versions of your article should have a user license attached. No fee is payable by the author, as costs are covered by library subscriptions. Open Access publications are freely available online to anyone. This maximizes visibility, and thus the uptake and use of the work published. Authors retain copyright The use of a creative common license enables authors / editors to retain copyright to their work. Publications can be reused and redistributed as long as the original author is correctly attributed.

High quality and rigorous peer review open access publications run through the same peer review. Production and publishing process similar to journal and books published under the traditional subscription-based models.

Rapid Publication:- A streamlined and easy to use online submission and production process enables the reader for quick review, approval and publication.

No space constraints:- Publishing Online means pounding unlimited space for supplementary material including figures, extensive data and video footage.

Compliance with open access mandates:- Open access publications can comply with open in the fastest and easiest way when it got access mandates from finding sources or academic institutions. Final article without any embargo periods can be deposited into bibliographic data bases and institutional responsibilities.

Open Access Journals:- are tracked for impact factors and are deposited into bibliographic databases and institutional repositories without any embargo period just as traditional journals.

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