When an author contacts a journal for getting his paper published, copyright of the paper gets assigned to the journal as a publisher. Assigning the copyright enables us to do the needful for getting it published after undergoing editorial process.

Act as stewards of your work as it appears in the scholarly record.

To see if the article has contents plagiarised from other sources and its justification.

Increase lucidity of your work through third parties.

After assigning copyright, you will still retain the right to:

Be recognised as the author of the article.

Make as many printed copies of your article as you please to use for a lecture or class that you are leading on a non-commercial basis.

Share your article using your free e-prints with friends, colleagues and people you would like to read your work.

Include your article Author’s Original Manuscript (AOM), depending on the embargo period in your thesis or dissertation. The Version of Record cannot be used. For more information about manuscript versions and how you can use them, please see our guide to sharing your work.

Present your article at a conference and distribute printed copies of the article on a non-commercial basis.

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