How to Write a Research Paper

Selection of a topic

Identify a topic which interests you.

Identify the problem.

Discuss with your teacher, supervisor, faculty members, classmates and peer scholars about your topic.

Search materials related to your topic.

Observation of the sources

Books, Printed Journals, E-Journals and other helpful sources.

Good library, Periodical index, and bibliographic sources.

Sources of primary data and Secondary data.

Suggestion from scholars and eminent persons.

Writing Outlines

Put the following questions

What is the need of this research? What is the sufficient historical content?

What is the main purpose of writing a research paper?

How will it be supported to academic plan and goal?

Writing the Introduction

Give a bit introduction about topic and problems.

Define the problem with relevant statement and references.

Give relevant background.

Explain each and every dimension of the topic.

Discuss research gap about research topic.

Give relevant Secondary data which is related from your topic and problem.

Writing the body

Use Methodological frame-work.

Integrate collected sources in your writing.

Evaluate and observe published work.

Use cross tabulation & indexing, classification & Statistical Method, and other relevant methodology then analyze, explain and summarize.

Writing the conclusion

If you use specific term, concept and theory, you may need to summarize

Clarify your findings and its impact and relevance.

Give your suggestion with conclusion.

Abbreviate the term and scientific meaning in your conclusion.

Use the end of your paper to add your points up.

Lastly explain their significance.

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