Dr. Md. Shamshad Akhtar

Welcome to the Cervellopages We earnestly hope you will find it a bonanza for all research activities beyond the classroom and around the globe. Cervellopages is committed to academic excellence and serving others. Our main objective to explore a diverse range of issues from art and culture to Rocket science, thrust for interfaith harmony and peaceful co-existence and pursuit for global peace, making us a society devoted to understanding and improving our planet.

We as all know, launching an E- Research journal is not an easy job as it has multiple challenges; however, we have worked hard to create an intellectual platform that is conducive to the discovery and communication of new knowledge and a better world.

The heads behind Cervellopages felt an underlying need to kickoff a Research journal, which could provide an ideal environment for researchers, teachers and scholars in the desired fashion. We would like to know how much we became successful in this mission and the Cervellopages influenced you because your precious feedback is crucial for us.